About us

About us

Educación 2020 is a non-profit organization, created by a citizens' movement that seeks quality and equity in education in Chile. Educación 2020 works to promote public policies that aim to achieve this change and mobilizing people to demand it.

A fundamental part of the strategy is to work directly with schools and supporters, experience that allows the foundation to better understand the Chilean educational reality and implement its proposals at the local level.

Educación 2020 implements its proposals in different districts of Chile through comprehensive projects that support holders and directors of public establishments with its Center for Educational Leadership. To date, projects have impacted over 30.000 students in more than 15 districts throughout the country.

Since 2011 we are member of the Latin-American Network of Civil Society Organizations for Education (REDUCA), which brings together 13 countries that work for substantial improvement in the quality and equity of education at the regional level. Educación 2020 is the recipient of a three-year project of the European Union, which aims to strengthen and enhance the work of REDUCA.

How can Educación 2020 change education? 

How can Educación 2020 change education? from Educación 2020 on Vimeo.


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